The Jellybeans are offering free downloads beginning on Cyber Monday and continuing through the Christmas shopping season. We are giving away one track from each of our three CDs. We consider each of the three tracks to be the best one on that particular CD. Of course, the hope is that you will like what you hear and buy another track or two, or even the entire album. In any case, this is our gift to you as a way to introduce you to our music. Enjoy!!

Just click on the links and look for the track labeled, "FREE."
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No Time For A Bad Day---The songs on this CD are cool for kids and grownups, ages 9 to 90.
Look At Us Now---The songs on this CD have something for everyone, ages 12 and up,
                                and especially for teenage girls heading off to high school. After all,
                                we recorded these songs just before starting high school.
Back In School---The songs on this CD are cool for kids, ages 4 to 9.