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The song, ‘Look At Us Now,’ was written by our music director in January of 2008 for a choir group at Our Lady of Mercy to sing at their school concert that year. The choir group consisted of students from the seventh and eighth grades. It was really for his son, Nicholas, and his eighth grade classmates, most of whom had been together since kindergarten. The song celebrated them making it all the way through elementary school together and looking forward to the challenge of high school and pursuing their dreams. All the kids loved the song and the eighth grade students so much so, that they chose to sing it at their graduation ceremony in June and it became their class song.

During the summer following graduation, one of the girls from their class, Victoria Beckner, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Victoria was the epitome of school spirit. She loved her school and her classmates and she was very much loved by everyone who knew her. Like her friends, she was looking forward to high school with great anticipation. A star basketball and softball player, Victoria was a fierce competitor. For months she fought courageously, enduring the many trips to the hospital and the endless treatments. Sadly, on May 4, 2009, less than a year after graduating from the eighth grade, Victoria lost her battle. The Jellybeans have proudly dedicated our recording of 'Look At Us Now' to the Our Lady of Mercy class of 2008 and to the memory of Victoria Beckner.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City is where Victoria was cared for. Her parents, Jeanne and Jimmy, have nothing but the highest praise for the work being done there with kids. They were blown away by the spirit and courage of those young patients, but they need your help; our help. Please visit the MSKCC web site and make a donation to pediatric cancer research in memory of Victoria Beckner.

We thank you for your support!

-The Jellybeans

     Remembering Victoria